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One of my favorite parts of my job is hearing about a client's birth story and seeing pictures of their little ones after they make their arrival. After spending hours together digging in to not just the process of labor and birth and finding comfort, but also about their personalities, hopes and fears, finding ways to maintain agency over their decision-making, learning how to advocate and empower themselves in this process and as parents - it's safe to stay I get a little connected with clients and miss chatting with them after class!

While hearing their thanks and appreciation for what they learned in class is wonderful, mostly I feel overwhelming gratitude that I was allowed to share in this small part of an experience that forever changes their lives. It is an honor, a privilege, and something I'll never take for granted.

In these emails and letters I receive, not every birth story unfolds how these parent's think it might, but their perception of their birth is what will last and they will remember how they felt during the process.

Recently, I heard from a lovely couple who I so enjoyed getting to know during a weekend Comprehensive Lamaze Class. During class, this couple jumped into each exercise and activity with intention, asked thoughtful questions during class, and really made the most of this educational experience. They also hired a fantastic doula who gave them additional support and care through their labor and birth. Emily and Jon gave me permission to share their story of welcoming their little Abel.


Hi Abbie,


I’ve been meaning to email you for about 3 weeks now but life has been pretty busy with a newborn. I just wanted to give you the sincerest thank you for your amazing childbirth and postpartum class.

I know it is because of your comprehensive class (and my doula’s help) that I was able to stay calm, focused, and to deliver naturally. I felt empowered and educated to make decisions for myself and Abel that is evidence based which ultimately lead to a better than anticipated laboring experience. I could go on and on about how much your class helped me and Jon not only prepare mentally for labor but also during crunch time. 

Thank you for including breastfeeding in your curriculum. Because you included breastfeeding basics in your class, I was able to help Abel latch immediately after birth and to work on breastfeeding when the nurses seemed too busy or unavailable to help. They said I was a “natural” which of course helped boost my new mamma confidence. 

Lastly, thank you for following your passion to educate, it truly shows through in your class which I believe helped me deliver the way I had always dreamed. 

Jon and I are forever grateful for you,

Emily Walden 

Abel Jon Walden born 4/19/19 at 41wk 1 day, after only 7 hours of labor from start of pitocin (high blood pressure) to finish. 8lb12oz, 19in.

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