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Class Description

6 hours

This is a mini-childbirth class focused on just the essentials for labor and delivery. Based on the the Lamaze Healthy Birth Practices and designed to build your confidence, educate yourself about what to expect, know your options, and empower yourself to have a safe, satisfying birth experience. Perfect for those who don't have time to accommodate the full Lamaze Series in their schedule.

What will I learn?



  • Understanding labor pain

  • Signs labor is near

  • Stages of labor

  • When to go to the hospital

Water Birth

Comfort Techniques

  • Labor support team

  • Positions for labor

  • Breathing / relaxation

  • Massage

  • Visualization / focal points

  • Hydrotherapy

  • Labor pushing positions

  • Tips for back labor / long labor

  • Tips for support people

Young Mother Expecting

Possible Interventions

  • Birth plans

  • Thoughtful decision making and Self-advocacy

  • Minimizing interventions and risks

  • Induction and augmentation of labor

  • Monitoring and IVs

  • Medications for pain

  • Pushing interventions

Image by Patricia Prudente


  • Types of cesarean

  • Reasons for cesarean

    • Planned​

    • Unplanned

    • Emergency

  • Anesthesia​

  • Family centered cesarean

  • Cesarean recovery

Newborn Baby with Mom

Early Postpartum

  • Self-care and comfort

  • Baby blues and postpartum mood and anxiety disorders

  • Warning signs and when to call your provider

Includes a 70 page full-color comprehensive childbirth guide; access code to exclusive companion web app including: more than 50 videos, contraction timer, fetal movement counter, feeding & diaper tracker, printable PDF checklists for your birth plan and birth center/hospital packing list, web links to trusted pregnancy resources and more.

Class Options


Small Group Class

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Class Packages

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"My husband and I took Abbie’s Childbirth class and were blown away by all of the very useful information we obtained. We feel incredibly confident in our ability to have a natural home birth now. We are so grateful for everything we learned this weekend."

Betsy I.

"Abbie's professional knowledge and personal interest and care are the perfect combination for new parents seeking to become more informed, less anxious, and better advocates in this new, life-changing chapter of their lives.  She provides a safe, comfortable space to ask questions and grow as a couple. While we know there are always unknowns ahead, we feel much more capable of handling them with the knowledge obtained. Our gratitude is immeasurable!"

Allison P.

"Abbie's class was the most informative, fun, and interesting class! She covered everything from labor, delivery, to breastfeeding. Abbie was informative, kind, friendly, and compassionate.  She answered all our questions and we both felt very welcome in her home.  We never felt rushed and she gave us frequent breaks during the classes."

Amanda and Bill K.

"This class was very comprehensive, I feel like Abbie didn’t skim over any part of the pregnancy, birthing, and post-natal process. I would totally recommend the class for anyone, natural minded or not."

Emily W.

"I loved working with Abbie! Her Lamaze class was extremely informative and hands-on. The breathing techniques and partner support activities were so helpful and we ended up using a lot of what we learned during our actual labor experience. I can't thank Abbie enough for her support and encouragement. I left her class feeling more empowered than ever!"

Tess E.

"I was really torn on whether or not to take a birthing class. A friend recommended Abbie to me so my husband and I decided to take her Lamaze essentials course! Abbie was so kind and personable and taught us so much about the birthing experience! My goal is to go without an epidural and I felt like her class made me feel so confident in my abilities as well as my husband’s abilities to help me through it!"

Sara R.

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