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Prenatal, Postpartum & Virtual



A comprehensive breastfeeding education class to help you get off to the best start

In-Home Lactation Visits

Prenatal and Postpartum Lactation Support Visits in your home


Lactation Visits

Inside the Historic

Rooted - Old Town Lansing

Virtual Lactation Visits

HIPPA Complaint live video breastfeeding consultation. 

All parents deserve support to feed their babies well

We are passionate about supporting families in meeting their feeding goals. We offer a number of different types of visits. You can read more about that below or go ahead and book right away if you are needing support. 

Visits can book up in advance. If you are expecting and want to set up a prenatal consult or an initial in-home consult for the week after baby is due to arrive, you can book ahead of your delivery! If you have any challenges in the early days, you'll know you have support lined up and ready to go. 

Phone Consult

Offering In-Home, Clinic, and Telehealth

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Home Visits

Support in your own space, where you are comfortable and can learn in your own environment

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Clinic Visits

A comfortable, warm, historic place dedicated to health and healing in Old Town Lansing. 

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Preparing for Your Visit

Learn more about what to expect at your lactation visit, how to prepare, and what to expect afterward including the education and support you'll be provided. 

Insurance Coverage

Learn more about insurance coverage and apply to see if your plan offers 100% insurance covered lactation support visits through The Lactation Network! If your plan doesn't participate with TLN, you may be eligible for reimbursement. Documentation will be provided for your to request that from your insurance plan. Some will reimburse up to 100% as well!

Types of Lactation Visits


In-Person Lactation

A in-person lactation support visit to work with you and baby during a feeding session, address any concerns, and come up with a plan to help you meet your goals. All visits include pumping support. Can take place anytime during lactation.


Virtual Lactation Consultation

Prenatal and Postpartum virtual lactation support visits available to assess any challenges, assess a feeding if baby is here, troubleshoot supply or pumping, and come up with a plan to help you meet your goals.

mother-nurses-twins Sarah Pflug from Bur


A lactation support visit to work with you and your babies during a feeding session, address any concerns or challenges, and make a plan so you can meet your feeding goals. All visits include pumping support.

Expecting a Sibling


An lactation visit to learn about breastfeeding and pumping, discuss any concerns/problems, address any previous feeding challenges with other children, and to formulate a detailed feeding plan prior to the arrival of your baby to get you off to the best start.


Induced / Re-Lactation Consult

Sometimes a parent would like to bring in a milk supply to feed their baby but not in the traditional way after giving birth or would like to re-lactate. Great for non-gestational parents, adoptive parents, and those who did not initiate breast/chestfeeding after delivery


"I first used Abbie’s services in 2021 when four other LC’s failed to meet my needs. Her services were immediately distinguishable as high quality, thorough, professional, and well-informed. My first lactation was fraught with challenges, and although I made my goal of 12-months, I never developed that special breastfeeding bond with my son. When I found out I was pregnant with my second, I’m pretty sure I contacted Abbie the very next day with a big, “HELP ME!” We scheduled a prenatal visit that gave me all the education I needed to feel confident. I was a strong self-advocate in the hospital for myself and baby, and our golden (two) hours were absolutely surreal. I messaged with Abbie from the time my daughter was born until we had our initial postpartum visit, and she always responded promptly with information that was helpful, informative, and calmed my nerves. I was particularly concerned about oral restrictions because my son had needed a posterior tongue tie release. I was probably overzealous to just blame any little hiccup on a suspected tongue tie, but Abbie’s examination of the anatomy of my daughter’s mouth coupled with a thorough analysis of function led us to pursue other things (like OMM), and all the hiccups resolved without a release. As a medical professional myself, I was astounded by the exhaustive and detailed examination that Abbie performed. There was no doubt that this was someone with immense education and experience, and the ability to apply it to our unique needs. Another amazing thing is that Abbie pays the utmost attention to hygiene, cleaning and disinfecting her hands and tools multiple times each session. That matters so much when you’re clutching this immune naive newborn to your chest, wanting to protect her from any harm. My daughter and I developed such a close relationship through breastfeeding. It’s everything I ever dreamed of and all the goodness I never knew I needed. I have put in a ton of work to have a successful lactation, but it was Abbie who not only directed me to the right door but gave me the key to open it. I am forever grateful, and I tell basically anyone who will listen to call her for help! You will not regret it."


Lora G.

photo by Alissa Saylor Photography

"Kristen was a great support and was the reason our breastfeeding journey got turned around after bottle/formula supplementation. She was so great to work with and provided feedback in a constructive way! She made me so comfortable during our visits."

Missy B.

"Abbie is the most amazing LC.  As a new mom who was struggling with breastfeeding (and learning how to take care of a tiny human!),  Abbie made me feel safe to be vulnerable, ask questions, and learn. Learning how to breastfeed and how hard it can be, she was extremely kind to my son and I and it never felt like I was being judged/graded on my ability to breastfeed. Abbie celebrated every small win or progress we made and was there for my son and I when we maybe didn’t make progress either. She has compassion and grace that accompany her strong knowledge, insight, and professionalism. I cannot recommend Abbie enough!! I will forever be grateful for her help and friendship and when I have my next baby I am signing up right off the get go! :)"

Alexis N.

"Abbie is fantastic! After an extremely rough delivery, she made my postpartum journey feel immensely more manageable and helped my confidence with nursing. The follow-up she provided after each visit was super helpful, and her attention and prompt communication made it feel like I was her only client. Having the option of in-home consultations was amazing. I couldn’t be more appreciative of her or recommend her services more strongly."

Amy I.

"Abbie was so kind, gentle, full of positive energy, understood any concerns I had, very knowledgeable, answered every question perfectly, and made me more confident after each visit. She brought props to help understand visually and the scale was amazing to help me understand that baby was indeed getting milk. 
She allowed as much time as I needed during the visit and didn’t rush anything. Her attitude was so positive compared to the previous help I received. I’m so glad we found her!!!

It’s just amazing that I started out not thinking I could nurse baby, and was going to exclusively pump again. Once I found Abbie, my goal was to nurse baby 100% but I kind of gave up for awhile and was nursing baby about 80% of the time and bottle feeding breastmilk/pumping 20% of the time. After our 3rd visit with Abbie, I knew I could do it. I am proud to say that I’m now nursing baby 100% of the time!! No more bottle feeding or pumping (unless there’s a need to)!! This gives me a little more time to spend with my family since I’m not washing so many bottles and pump parts! Yay!"

Megan Winters.jpeg

Megan W.

"I would rate the services a 10/10. I was feeling discouraged about breastfeeding due to my baby’s slow weight gain, but Kristen made me feel empowered to feed my baby. She was very prompt with messaging which made me feel supported from the moment that I booked the appointment."

Monica A.

"5 stars! Abbie was very knowledgable and answered all of my questions in great detail.  I feel so much more confident breastfeeding and caring for my baby girl after meeting with her. Being able to access her plan for us after the visit was very helpful to look at for reference as well."

Allyson M.

"I was overwhelmed in the first few weeks of my breastfeeding journey. When I learned my son was underweight, I knew I needed help. I am so fortunate to have Abbie’s help through multiple in-person sessions and chat support. Abbie provided specific and timely recommendations based on our needs, as well as continued researching other methods for health support. Abbie is a wealth of knowledge and made me feel empowered to continue my breastfeeding journey. My son has made significant improvements and I am relieved to see the progress we have made thanks to Abbie!"


Rachel D.

"Working with Abbie was the best decision I made in the postpartum phase. I went from being in a dark, difficult place of not being able to feed my baby how I wanted to and feeling a lot of anxiety all day to having tools and information to confidently feed my baby which reduced my anxiety tremendously. Abbie was also such a wonderful emotional support when I needed someone most."

Sam G.

"The support received through working with Abbie was invaluable. Abbie listened to my concerns and made me feel extremely comfortable during our visit. The information provided throughout the visit was so helpful in educating and equipping me to successfully breastfeed my child. After meeting with Abbie I felt much more confident with breastfeeding. She gave me practical tips and hands-on assistance to help, and as I learned to implement her advice on my own, I was able to create a more positive relationship with breastfeeding my child."

Lauren O.

"I never imagined I'd need a lactation consultant for my ten-month-old (especially after breastfeeding baby #1 for over two years). But we started having trouble ten months in and I wasn't able to figure out how to get back on track on my own. What really struck me about working with Abbie is that she has a deep knowledge of all of the disparate elements that go into a successful breastfeeding relationship - both the breastfeeding parent and baby's physical health, baby's social/emotional development, the parent's needs and limits, and the mechanics and biology of breastfeeding. It's incredibly complex and it was invaluable to have support from someone who understands it all and could help me take care of myself while also taking care of my baby and maintaining our breastfeeding relationship."

Therese E.

"Abbie was somebody I wasn’t sure I needed because I had other LC support, however, I do not regret setting up a visit with her in the slightest. She was recommended to me at my OB office to help with all aspects of nursing when I went to get treatment for Mastitis along other issues. From setting up our consultation to our actual visit, and our two weeks of follow up, everything went so smoothly. Abbie has a great knowledge of all lactation needs. She helped me improve our latch and also helped me figure out how to make pumping more comfortable. Our two weeks of follow up was so beneficial as well. I messaged her with issues I was having, she responded in a very reasonable time, gave helpful feedback, then dug deeper into my problem. Through our discussion, she gave me feedback and guidance that was so helpful. She helped me figure out a problem I had with my first born that I thought was something I just had to live with. I would HIGHLY recommend her services to anybody who needs help. She is an absolute angel."

Maggie W.

"Abbie was extremely kind, thorough, and helpful during my postpartum lactation consultation. She answered all of my questions and was very knowledgeable. I appreciate that she came to my house and that I was able to get an appointment within two days. I was very satisfied with the service and support that I received and would recommend this to anyone who is breastfeeding."

Holly S.

"I was so close to giving up on breast feeding after seeing a different LC two other times before Abbie. She taught me so much I was missing out on and truly gave me the ability to continue on breast feeding and pumping and bottle feeding in a way that best benefits me and baby. She is very knowledgeable and personable and passionate about what she does. I am so thankful for her! Very good services and support all around!!"

Erin S.

"I can't overstate how impressed I was with my in-person lactation consultation with Abbie. Not only were all of our latching issues resolved within days of my consultation but I felt armed with the knowledge and resources to help me feel much more confident in my breastfeeding journey. Abbie was communicative, took all the COVID pre-cautions we could have hoped for and more, and was absolutely warm, compassionate, and patient during the hours she spent on our consultation. While we were so impressed by her professionalism and knowledgeable care, it also felt as though she was a family friend with the way her heart was truly in it, wanting us to be successful and at ease. As a new mom, I was intimidated to get help and by the admin/coordination that it may require but all of that was alleviated by working with Abbie. I'd wholeheartedly recommend her to any mother/family without reservation."

Lisa M.

"The support we received was excellent! Abbie was so kind, supportive, and helpful. I wasn’t sure how helpful a virtual visit was going to be, but I was in so much pain that I was willing to try it. She gave some helpful tips and now we are 5 months exclusively breastfeeding!"

Amanda Frasier.jpeg

Amanda F.

"My baby was 30 days early and had a lot of trouble latching. I had been triple feeding for a month when I met Abbie, with each session taking 1-1.5 hours. I was ready to give up. Abbie was positive, encouraging, and supportive. She talked me off a ledge more than once, and gave me practical ways to work on my breastfeeding journey. Abbie is the reason I didn’t give up and I was exclusively breastfeeding just a few weeks after my first consultation. Her encouragement and transitional suggestions saved us. So glad we stuck it out!"

McKenney, Kaitlin Photo Nursing Crosby.j

Kaitlin M.

Abbie is very good at what she does and passionate about it! I felt well taken care of.

Tranaya M.

"My consultation with Abbie was the best money we have spent towards our children's health. Breastfeeding is very challenging, but especially as a new twin mom we have struggled since day one. Abbie addressed all of our concerns, evaluated our babies very closely, made referrals, and worked with me on pumping/positioning. Everything she went over was super helpful and she was so professional. Would absolutely recommend her for any new mom or anyone having breastfeeding issues!"

Justine R.

"Abbie was helpful and reassuring with every single interaction. As a second time mom, I thought breastfeeding would be a breeze, but my baby had other plans. Abbie had great suggestions for home care and next steps. Her guidance was honestly life changing for us. She is knowledgeable, personable, communicates quickly which is extremely important when working on breastfeeding."

Miranda M.

"After struggling with my breastfeeding relationship with my oldest child, I was very nervous and unsure of my ability to establish a good breastfeeding relationship with my second child. After a less-than-stellar appointment with another lactation consultant, I reached out to Abbie. She came to my home the next day, and thoroughly and compassionately listened to my struggles and answered all of my questions. By the end of our consultation, I was feeling exponentially more confident about my ability to successfully breastfeed. Abbie provided me with some great resource that I could review that were specific to my concerns and questions. Since our consultation, I have contacted her a few times with additional questions, and she always responds promptly and with valuable information and useful resources. My baby is now 3 months old, and is still nursing wonderfully! I would recommend Abbie to anyone who is struggling with breastfeeding. She was a tremendous help to us!"

Courtney I.

"Abbie was so great to work with. This was a truly invaluable experience. I was so much more confident with breastfeeding after my daughter was born because of everything I learned from Abbie. The continued support throughout my breastfeeding journey were fantastic too. Abbie helped me keep going and gave me great advice, especially when I struggled with low supply in the beginning and with every new challenge that came up along the way. Highly recommend Abbie Mullins for breastfeeding support and education."

Abigail R.

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