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Breastfeeding Class - Abbie Mullins



Class Description

3.5 hours

An in-depth, hands-on, comprehensive breastfeeding course taught by an IBCLC to prepare you for breast/chest feeding your little one. While breastfeeding is natural, it doesn't come naturally to every mom and baby! Educating yourself on how your body makes milk, how to help your little one achieve a good latch and transfer the most milk, and how to express your milk if needed/desired will help set you up for success in those early days and weeks. We'll also cover some common challenges and warning signs for both you and baby so you'll know when to reach out for help. 

Partners/Coaches encouraged to attend!

What will I learn?


How Breastfeeding Works

  • Benefits of breastfeeding for you and baby

  • Breastfeeding right after birth and the early weeks

  • How your body makes milk

  • How your milk changes

  • Special breastfeeding situations


How to Breastfeed

  • Getting off to the best start

  • Skin-to-Skin Contact

  • Mother and baby positioning

  • Latching On

  • Burping

  • Feeding Patterns


When to Feed

  • Understanding hunger cues

  • Normal newborn feeding patterns

  • Pacifiers

  • Waking a sleepy baby

  • Night feedings


Getting Enough Milk

  • Is my baby getting enough? How do I know?

  • Weight gain expectations

  • Stool and urine patterns

  • Jaundice

  • Supplementation

Infancy, motherhood, nutrition, lactatio

Breast Care

  • Nipple Care

  • Breast Fullness

  • Hand Expression

  • Leaking Milk

  • Engorgement

  • Blocked Ducts

  • Mastitis


BReastfeeding Lifestyle

  • Nursing bras and clothing

  • Substances and medications

  • Diet and nutrition during breastfeeding

  • Taking care of yourself

  • Bottle introduction

  • Returning to work

  • Expressing your milk

  • Milk storage guidelines

  • Breast pumps

Includes a 35 page full-color comprehensive breastfeeding guide; access code to exclusive companion web app including: instructive videos, feeding logs, printable PDF check lists, web links to trusted pregnancy and breastfeeding resources and more.


Group Class

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Class Packages

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"Abbie's virtual breastfeeding class completely exceeded my expectations. I thought I had a general knowledge base of how breastfeeding works but her class truly blew me away. I feel so much more confident in my ability to breastfeed successfully once my baby is born. I would highly recommend her classes to every new mom!"

Brittney C.

"If you are a first time mom and looking for a class that will make you feel prepared and calm - take a class with Abbie! She is fun and engaging but just as informative. My husband and I felt so comfortable during the class and also feel much more ready to take on the newborn phase and breastfeeding."

Leah M.

"Abbie was so great to work with. This was a truly invaluable experience. I was so much more confident with breastfeeding after my daughter was born because of everything I learned from Abbie. The continued support throughout my breastfeeding journey were fantastic too. Abbie helped me keep going and gave me great advice, especially when I struggled with low supply in the beginning and with every new challenge that came up along the way. Highly recommend Abbie Mullins for breastfeeding support and education."

Abigail R.

"Very professional, approachable, and educational experience for me and my wife. Don't waste your time anywhere else."

Atanas I.

"When I first started this class, I felt very uncomfortable about breastfeeding. I was surprised how easy it seems with the right attitude and coaching. I am glad I learned everything I did and very glad that my husband could join me. I highly recommend Abbie, and I do recommend her every chance that I get. Knowledge is power, and I feel more and more knowledgeable after each class I attend of Abbie’s."

Betsy I.

"Abbie's breastfeeding class far exceeded my expectations.  Coming into the class I felt like I had basic understanding and knowledge of breastfeeding, but I couldn't have been more wrong.  She went above and beyond, gave me so much information that not only increased my foundation of knowledge, but helped increase my confidence in my ability to breastfeed.  I felt very well supported - she approached each topic with a very open mind and gave me the evidence behind the science, which I could use to support my own values. She was able to answer all of my questions well.  Overall, I highly recommend. Signed up for her Lamaze class as soon as our first class was over! "

Lauren P.

"My partner and I took a private lactation class with Abbie and we are so thankful we did! We both felt very “at home” and comfortable throughout the entire class. From Abbie’s welcoming personality to all of the invaluable information we received the class was so helpful! The material was presented in a well thought out format with tons of take home resources provided.
Abbie is great at what she does and we would highly recommend her to others. If you’re not sure about taking one of her classes, do it!! You will be so happy you did!"

Staci T.

"The breastfeeding class was so useful even coming from someone who thought she already
had decent knowledge in breastfeeding. I learned so much from this class! I left this class feeling much more confident in my future success at breastfeeding and I can’t wait to utilize all that I’ve learned!"

Stella Z.

"Abbie has a wealth of knowledge, that she so eagerly and passionately shares with you in
this course. My husband and I felt so incredibly encouraged, and cannot express how much we learned!
The environment is comfortable, Abbie takes her time to make sure you understand the concepts, processes, positions and maneuvers thoroughly. I would recommend this class 100%!"

Sam M.

Abbie’s breastfeeding class was such a confidence booster for a first time mom preparing for delivery. With all of the pressures in our society for motherhood, I really feel more at ease after taking her class. So informative and presented in a comfortable environment for my husband and I to ask questions. We feel so much more prepared for our little one’s arrival in the next couple weeks!

Chelsea L.

"Such a great virtual breastfeeding class. Lots of very helpful information, especially for a first time mom or any mom who has struggled with breastfeeding in the past. I feel so prepared and confident now!"

Katie B.

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