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is at the heart of improved patient outcomes and pushing ourselves as practitioners to learn, grow, and serve our patients best.

Below are some of the ways we can connect and collaborate together.


If you are wanting to include prenatal class or lactation support materials in your new OB patient packets or to provide to parents looking for support, PDF version for you to print are below:

Lactation Support Flyer

Prenatal Class Flyer

Patient Materials

Fax Number: 517-225-0490

Referral not required for patients to book an appointment, however for insurance reimbursement, many plans require a physician referral.

By faxing a referral, you help ensure your patients will get the insurance coverage they are entitled to per the affordable care act. It also connects the dots for sleep deprived, worried parents, allowing us to reach out the them to schedule if self-scheduling has fallen off their long to-do list.

Lactation Referrals

Tablet & Coffee


Available via Zoom or

at a local coffee shop (Greater Lansing Area)


I (Abbie) love meeting other current or aspiring professionals who have a passion for the perinatal and pediatric population, as well as educating on all things pregnancy, birth, lactation, newborn care, and family role transition. 

If you would simply like to put a face with a name or connect as a collaborative referral partner, please schedule a time to meet!

Connect & Collaborate

If you have an upcoming conference or event and are interested in hiring me as a presenter, I would love to opportunity to meet your audience where they are while working to increase their depth of knowledge and education on pregnancy, birth, lactation, infant feeding and care, and parental role transition.

This could include conferences, residency didactics, guest speaker in higher education course, lunch and learn for your nursing staff at your physician's office, and more.


Either please schedule a time to meet or reach out via email to provide more details about the speaking engagement and the knowledge gap you are aiming to address for your attendees, students, or staff.

Speaking / Teaching


There are a number of student opportunities available with Abbie. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Elective lactation rotations for residents, medical students, and nursing students

  •  Perinatal class shadowing for those working towards certification/licensure as a doula, childbirth educator, midwife or for other healthcare students

  • IBCLC Pathway 3 candidates looking for mentorship for the required supervised hours

  • IBCLC Pathway 1 Candidates looking for supervised hours in order to apply for boards or to broaden their scope prior to certification

  • Multidisciplinary healthcare professionals looking to increase their knowledge and ability to support lactating dyads 


Please feel free to schedule a time to meet or reach out via email to discuss your request for mentorship or shadowing opportunities

Internship / Shadowing / Rotations

... and more!

Have an idea on a way we can connect and collaborate? I love innovative ways of working together and would love to hear your thoughts!

Please feel free to schedule a time to meet or reach out via email. 

I look forward to connecting!

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