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Healthy Pregnancy

A class for those looking to start their family in the near future or newly expectant parents and is focused on having a healthy pregnancy. This class is best taken as a pre-conception course or as early in pregnancy as possible. 



An in-depth, comprehensive breast/chestfeeding course to prepare you for the best possible start feeding your baby.


Newborn Care

An extensive, hands-on newborn care class to build your confidence in caring for your little one.


Comprehensive Lamaze

A Lamaze-based comprehensive childbirth class to empower you and educate you on having the safest, most satisfying birth experience. 

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Birth Essentials

A mini-childbirth class focused on just the essentials for labor and delivery


Childbirth Refresher

A class for parents who have already had a child, but would like a refresher because it has been a few years or are seeking a different experience than their first delivery. Not available to first time parents.

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