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Private Comprehensive



Lamaze®     Class

12 hours - $360

A private, interactive, hands-on Lamaze-based comprehensive childbirth class to build your confidence, educate you about your options, and to empower you to have the safest, most satisfying birth experience.  Tailored to your needs. Your class will cover the following topics:


  • Fetal Development

  • Anatomy

  • Labor and delivery terms

  • Nutrition

  • Warning Signs

  • Preterm Labor

  • Preparing Your Body for Birth


  • Labor Pain

  • Signs Labor is Near

  • Stages of Labor

Comfort Techniques

  • Labor Support Team

  • Breathing/Relaxation

  • Massage

  • Visualization/Focal Points

  • Hydrotherapy

  • Labor/Pushing Positions

  • Back Labor/Long Labor

  • Providing Support

Possible Medical Procedures and Interventions

  • Birth Plans & Thoughtful Decision Making

  • Self Advocacy

  • Minimizing Interventions and Risks

  • Induction & Augmentation of Labor

  • Monitoring

  • Pain Medication Options

  • Possible 2nd Stage Interventions


  • Reasons for Cesareans

  • Anesthesia

  • Understanding the Surgical Procedure

  • Risks

  • Reducing the Cesarean Risk

  • Family-Centered Cesareans

  • Breastfeeding & Recovery

Newborn Basics

  • Appearance

  • Skin-to-Skin Contact

  • Immediate Medical Procedures

  • First Feeding

  • -Rooming-In

  • Other Newborn Procedures

  • Senses

  • Crying 

  • SIDS prevention


  • Physical Recovery

  • Warning Signs

  • Emotions

  • Support & Healthy Habits

  • Intro to Breastfeeding

Lamaze Childbirth Class
Lamaze Childbirth Class
Lamaze Childbirth Class
Lamaze Childbirth Class

Includes a 70 page full-color comprehensive childbirth guide; access code to exclusive companion web app including: more than 50 videos, contraction timer, fetal movement counter, feeding & diaper tracker, printable PDF checklists for your birth plan and birth center/hospital packing list, web links to trusted pregnancy resources and more.

Childbirth Class - Abbie Mullins

Comprehensive Childbirth Preparation


9-10 hr   I   $360

Class Setting

Classes are offered in a private, comfortable setting in my home in DeWitt. I have a private office, bathroom and family style lounge area for class comfort complete with a projector for videos/slides and room to work on techniques. If you would like to take a small group class, take a look at my group class offerings. For mothers/couples wishing for classes offered in their home due to bedrest or other special circumstances, I will travel within 20 mi of the Lansing area for a minimal travel fee. Please contact me if you are looking for classes in your home. 

Looking for a Group Lamaze Class?

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