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Private Prepraing for 



Class Description

3 hours - $120

Are you trying to conceive? Did you just find out you are expecting? This is a great class for those planning to become pregnant or those early in their pregnancy focused on the following topics:

-Preconception Health

-Fetal and Maternal Anatomy

-Pregnancy Overview

-1st Trimester Changes

-2nd Trimester Changes

-3rd Trimester Changes

-To Do List for Each Trimester

-Prenatal Care

-Choosing a Healthcare Provider

-Routine Appointments


-Special-Attention Pregnancies

-Prenatal Testing

-Nutrition/Healthy Eating


-Important Nutrients for Pregnancy

-Meal Planning

-Foods to Avoid

-Safe Food Handling

-Dealing with Cravings

-Beverages and Caffeine

-Safe Prenatal Exercise

-Pregnancy Discomforts by Trimester

-Warning Signs

-Signs of Preterm Labor

-Pregnancy Hazards



-Germs and Infection

-Environmental and Lifestyle Factors

-Work and Travel Safety

-Emotional Changes




Includes a 50 page full-color comprehensive pregnancy guide; access code to exclusive companion web app including: more than 20 videos, contraction timer, prenatal appointment tracker, to-do lists for each trimester, pregnancy weight gain calculator, printable PDF charts and lists, web links to trusted pregnancy resources and more.

Partners/Coaches/Support People welcome to attend!

Healthy Pregnancy Class
A great pre-conception class for those planning to become pregnant in the near future. Also a great class for those very early in their pregnancy. Partners welcome! Focus...
Private Pregnancy Class
3 小時 30 分鐘
Class Setting

Classes are offered in a private, comfortable setting in my home in DeWitt. I have a private office, bathroom and family style lounge area for class comfort complete with a projector for videos/slides and room to work on techniques. If you would like to take a small group class, take a look at my group class offerings. For mothers/couples wishing for classes offered in their home due to bedrest or other special circumstances, I will travel within 20 mi of the Lansing area for a minimal travel fee. Please contact me if you are looking for classes in your home. 

Looking for a Group Healthy Pregnancy Class?

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