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Private Newborn Care


Class Description

3 hours - $120

A private, comprehensive newborn care class covering the following topics:

-Normal Newborn Traits


-Newborn Appearance

-Possible Tests and Procedures

-Newborn Reflexes and Senses

-Newborn Play and Development

-Newborn Behavior

-States of Alertness

-Newborn Sleep


-Gagging & Choking

-Breathing Patterns

-Crying and Comforting

-Why Babies Cry

-Infant Crying Patterns

-Comfort Techniques

-Coping With a Crying Baby

-Abusive Head Trauma

-Postpartum Emotions

-Newborn Feeding

-Breastfeeding Basics

-When to Feed Your Baby

-Hunger Cues


-Is My Baby Getting Enough?


-Diapering Options

-Diaper Rash

-Stool and Urine Patterns

-Diaper Bag Checklist





-Cord Care

-Bathing / Nail Care / Dressing

-Sponge and Tub Bathing

-Water Safety 

-Skin and Nail Care


-Newborn Health

-Umbilical Cord Stump Care

-Understanding Circumcision 

-Signs of Illness

-Keep Your Baby Healthy

-Well-Baby Visits

-Choosing Your Baby's Healthcare Provider

-Newborn Safety

-Car Seats and Care Safety

-Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

Safe Baby Gear

Pet Safety


-Outdoor Safety


-Infant CPR Basics (THIS IS NOT A CPR  CERTIFICATION COURSE, but we will review the basics so you are prepared for an emergency. I encourage you to consider enrolling in a CPR Course in the community.)

Includes a 50 page full-color comprehensive newborn care guide; access code to exclusive companion web app including: more than 20 videos, feeding/diaper log, baby milestone tracker, well-baby appointment tracker, white noise player, lullaby player,  printable PDF charts and lists, web links to trusted pregnancy, birth, infant safety and parenting resources and more.

Newborn Care Class
A fun, interactive newborn care class great for first time parents, those looking for a baby care refresher, adoptive parents, foster parents and more! Class covers the ...
Private Newborn Care Class
3 uur 30 min
Class Setting

Classes are offered in a private, comfortable setting in my home in DeWitt. I have a private office, bathroom and family style lounge area for class comfort complete with a projector for videos/slides and room to work on techniques. If you would like to take a small group class, take a look at my group class offerings. For mothers/couples wishing for classes offered in their home due to bedrest or other special circumstances, I will travel within 20 mi of the Lansing area for a minimal travel fee. Please contact me if you are looking for classes in your home. 

Looking for a Group Newborn Care Class?

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