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Low Supply

Low Milk Supply

Forcefull Letdown and Oversupply

Ankyloglossia / Tongue-Tie / Lip-Tie

Breastfeeding a Baby with Tongue-Tie or Lip-Tie - Kelly Mom

Dr. Ghaheri's Website: Lot of evidence based information on tongue and lip tie

Lactational Amenorrhea Method (AKA Breastfeeding as Birth Control)


Inducing Lactation / Relactation / Adoptive Breastfeeding

Alyssa Schnell


KellyMom Page on Adoptive Breastfeeding / Relactation

  • Induced lactation in a mother who has never been pregnant or never breastfed is slightly different than relactation (bringing in a milk supply in a woman who has previously lactated before) Not knowing your situation yet, this Kelly Mom page has a wealth of resources for both. Rather than copying the whole list, here is the link!


Ask Lenore - A great page by Lenore Goldfarb on the most well-know induced lactation protocol called the Newman-Goldfarb protocol. This page from Dr. Newman about inducing lactation as well. Alyssa from above has added this update to the protocol.


Breastfeeding Your Adopted Baby from Breastfeeding USA 


The Adoptive Breastfeeding Resource Website


Adoptive Breastfeeding Choices Website


Facebook Groups / Info


Breastfeeding Rights

  • This Link is to a great advocacy toolkit for breastfeeding parents. It is from California but has great information regarding talking to your employer, having time to pump, etc. You can download it and it has a whole chapter on lactation rights for adoptive parents.


Also, reading blog posts of successful (that has a lot of different definitions!) adoptive breastfeeding mommas can be helpful too. Here is a nice one!

Tongue-Tie / Lip-Tie

Here's where to look when you need more info...



Lactation / Breastfeeding


Addiction and Substance Abuse in Pregnancy

Evidence-Based Information on Birth

Evidence Based-Birth website has literature reviews, videos, a podcast, and printables. A wealth of information based on research. 

Lamaze Healthy Birth Practices

The six Lamaze Healthy Birth Practices are the foundation of Lamaze. They have been shown to lead to healthier, safer, more satisfying birth. Click the link to learn more about these six practices. 






Postpartum Depression:


More resources coming soon!

Lactation / Breastfeeding
Induced Lactation
Substance Use / Addiction
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